Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find the information you need, please do contact us here and we'll do our best to assist.

I'm new to cryptos, can I do this?

Maybe... as long as you're prepared to do the work required to learn the basics as you go. We do assume some fairly basic knowledge... the ability to buy cryptos on an exchange, how to exchange them for other currencies, how to send them to a wallet address, and how to keep your accounts secure...

If you're new to this, then there are countless tutorials and videos out there that will walk you through it, and we'll point you in the right direction, but it will be up to you to do the work.

After that, we have detailed, step-by-step walk-throughs for our entire process. It's structured to address the easier/simpler projects first, and then moves on to a few more complicated ones after that. It's always small steps with plenty of resources and advice so that anyone should be able to get through it, as long as you're patient, persistant and prepared to go and search for additional explanations or instructions anytime you need them.

Is this really free?

Yes, this site is totally free to use, but there's no point joining UNLESS you have some funds available to invest in some of our recommended programs.

If funds are particularly limited, you can start small with one or two, and then use the profits from those to fund everything else over time, but it will take a bit longer. If you have $100-$200 to make a start, things will move along a lot faster.

You can skip any program you don't want to use, but we do recommend you set them all up, if only for the referral/networking benefits. You can then revisit them later, once the initial programs are generating a profit, and consider a minimal investment in those as well.

Some of these returns sound to good to be true?

It's good that you're paying attention! ANYTHING that offers a high return should be considered high risk. We acknowledge this and do our best to manage it, but EzDeFi is by definition a high risk program.

We're seeking out big returns in the already high-risk crypto environment... this is about as risky as it comes!

That said, a lot of these high returns are generated by the daily compounding of very small interest payments, made possible by the defi/crypto structure. In a traditional envoronment that wouldn't be possible, but because these programs are smart contract-based and fully-automated, they are able to support the daily payouts, which in turn, support the high returns.

You should also be aware that the space is rife with failed projects and outright scams. We do our best to filter them out pre-emptively, but please be sure to follow our risk management guidelines just in case we miss something.

But the price of Bitcoin just went down?!

Cryptos are extremely volatile and big price moves are common. So if you do ANYTHING with cryptos you should be very careful and have enough in reserve so a major pullback doesn't get you into trouble.

This shouldn't be an issue with EzDeFi though, if you use solid money management.

We are participating in the various programs long term, either with surplus funds we're prepared to lose (our starting bank), or profits we've already withdrawn from other projects (free money) ... so our exposure is minimal, our balances will grow regardless of the price of Bitcoin, and most important of all... we can afford to wait!

Does This / Will This Connect With EzCryptos?

Eventually, yes. This was largely built as a logical next step for people who have done the work to set up EzCryptos and were starting to build up a bank of cryptos. EzDeFi will let those people put them to work even harder, for an even better return.

The structure here is a little different though, and it's a little more advanced, so EzCrypto users should look at inviting their more active EzCrypto referrals personally, one on one, so we only bring in people who are ready for this and have proved themselves willing and able to do the work.

You'll find more on this in the Referrals section of the EzDeFi Members Area.