Are You Ready To Take Your Crypto To The Next Level?

EzDeFi.Club is an Exclusive Learn & Earn Platform for Experienced Crypto Users looking to Put Their Cryptos To Work in the best new Passive Renevue Programs & dApps.

Whether you're a long-term Crypto Expert or you've just been dabbling, if you want to do more than HODL and Hope, EzDeFi can show you how you can earn serious, compounding passive income in any market.

This isn't for everyone though, so please read this page in full before you go any further...

How To Make Passive Income With Cryptos?

The simple fact is, there's already a massive number of platforms and dApps where you can invest your Cryptos and immediately start to generate passive income.

Some options are more profitable than others.

Some generate results faster than others.

Some are perpetual, others are fixed term.

Some are more safe and secure than others.

Some are outright scams.

Most are worth a closer look...

When you take the time to sort through them, you'll find plenty of innovative & creative DeFi platforms that will pay you exceptional returns for the use of your cryptos.

These are high quality projects that the funds you invest to perform all kinds of legitimate & necessary activities in support of their respective crypto tokens.

And they pay you very well for the use of your money...

These activities are largely based around crypto mining, staking and liquidity pools. Without getting too technical, these are functions all necessary to support the currency, validate transactions and provide ready-funds to complete transactions quickly.

These functions are commonly referred to as Generalised Mining.

Other DeFi platforms let you invest your cryptos in more traditional financial instruments, basically interest bearing accounts for your cryptos, which they then lend out or invest in the various Generalised Mining activities on your behalf. You make a little less but you save yourself some time and effort, and your investments are much more secure.

All these options give you the ability to generate returns significantly higher than anything you'll get from a traditional bank these days.

Interest rates of 10% or more are quite common for the straight-up deposits, and if you're prepared to do some work... and take on a bit more risk... you can go a whole lot higher than that.

But it's about to get even better...

The Smart Contract Secret Ingredient...

Most of these programs or dApps (Decentralized Applications) are built on Smart Contracts.

This means that they're coded directly into the Blockchain and virtually every aspect of their operation is pre-determined and fully-automated.

This includes crediting your interest payments to your account as they're earned...

So many of these programs not only pay significantly higher returns, they also offer Compounding Daily Interest.

This is a game-changer.

The Power Of Compounding Interest

The table below demonstrates how quickly your investment can grow when you start with just $100 and reinvest your (1% daily) interest every day for a year...

This example does not take into account transaction and admin fees, but you should get the idea.

It uses a 1% daily interest rate, which is quite high in mainstream finance, but it's at the lower-end of DeFi offerings. We currently use a couple of dApps that pay out considerably more.

High returns ALWAYS come with high risk though, so it's more involved than just adding funds and waiting for exponential growth. But if you're prepared to take on a little risk and do the work to manage that risk, then this can be a very lucrative process...

Big Returns Involve Real Time, Effort and Money... and Risk

Despite everything the internet might tell you, most things of value still have a cost. Anything worthwhile is going to require time, effort and/or money. Marketers and shysters might promise you the world, all Done-For-You with No Money Down, but reality will catch up fast if all you ever do is look for shortcuts.

The DeFi space is no different.

The people making good returns here are investing real funds in legit projects that they've taken the time to understand and assess.

They recognise the risks and manage their money accordingly.

They are methodical, patient and persistent.

The people getting burned are usually just throwing their money at anyone who promises them a big return.

They don't do the work to understand and evaluate, so they have nothing to go on.

They're driven by greed, impatience, and a fear that they'll miss out if they don't act now...

The reality is, there ARE substantial barriers to entry but they can be overcome with a little time and effort...

It's Complicated...

Most people face a steep learning curve just to grasp the big picture elements and how they all fit together.

It's Always Changing

This is all still early days, so new projects are constantly emerging and changing the way things are done.

It Can Be Costly

It takes money to make money, and the best options for high passive returns can cost a small fortune to set up.

It Is High Risk

Cryptos are high risk on a good day, and we're looking for high returns within that space... red flags anyone?

So from the outside looking in, it might seem this is a space that's going to be like so many others... just another exclusive club for those who already have the means to participate.

But the fact is, perhaps the biggest promise of Decentralized Finance is to even the playing field and give EVERYONE equal access to crypto currencies and the best investment options they provide.

Introducing The EzDeFi Club

EzDeFi is a co-operative venture designed to guide our Members through the maze and give you the tools and information you need to participate in this incredible new financial ecosystem.

  • We explain how the various DeFi dApps work, and show you how you can put them to work, to turn a modest stake into a Substantial Crypto Investment Portfolio.
  • We share strategies that can create a Self-Funding Passive Income Portfolio in record time, from a modest initial stake, all in a matter of weeks.
  • We share practical stategies for managing the many risks involved, while still growing your portfolio as quickly as possible.
  • We show you how to move your funds into ever more secure, mainstream DeFi Investment Options, to lock-in your profits and still keep earning better than the bank returns.
  • We work together as a team, to take full advantage of some of the most lucrative Affiliate Rewards Programs you'll currently find online.

We want to help you build a powerful portfolio of income producing DeFi assets that will increase in value over time.

You'll be able to withdraw your profits from most of them any time, or you can choose to compound your returns for even greater capital growth.

Our strategy is designed to ensure long-term growth in any market phase. When we do hit a bull market, most of the underlying cryptos we work with should appreciate even further, sending your portfolio value even higher.

It's Still Incredibly Early...

Most observers agree cryptos are still in an early adoption phase and real growth won't really start until policy and regulation opens the sector up to institutional investors...

There's literally trillions of dollars sitting on the sidelines waiting for that...

We're starting to see a few signs it's on the way, so when it inevitably happens, demand will go through the roof and the price of everything will explode.

When that happens, many pundits are expecting another 100x run on the major cryptos.

That's obviously great if you're simply HODLing a bunch of cryptos...

But imagine if you got 100x growth on a portfolio that was already generating a modest daily income?

Even with half that growth rate, a single small investment delivering $10 a day would become life-changing.

The thing is, we're just two months in with our test portfolio, and we've ALREADY got multiple programs making that...

And we've got even more that are catching up fast!

So that's a very brief overview of EzDeFi and what we can help you achieve. There's a whole lot more to it, so we delve into the detail in our Litepaper. You'll find a link below. There's a lot of information there on what we're doing, how we do it, and why we do it this way.

We do recommend you grab a copy and read it through before you go much further...

Working Together To Learn, Earn & Multiply...

The final thing to understand about our approach is, we operate as a group of enthusiastic amateurs, sharing our ideas and experiences as we explore this new field. We aren't professionals and we are not offering financial advice.

We are simply sharing our thoughts and experiences on various projects we've discovered and you decide what you want to do with it.

As we find new opportunities you can look them over and if you like it, you give it a run. If you don't you pass on it. Either way you'll have the opportunity to share your thoughts and results with the group as well.

Everything is 100% optional. You are in total control of your portfolio.

And since EzDeFi is totally free to use, your profits are 100% yours.

This also means you are responsible for managing the risks.

We structure our approach to mitigate a lot of these, and we share some strategies that have worked for us in the past, but it is up to you to apply your own risk management strategies as appropriate to your situation.

Risk Management EzDeFi Style

EzDeFi is sharing information based on the group's personal experiences. It is for educational and general interest purposes only. In no way should this be considered professional financial advice. We are not qualified to offer that and it's certainly not our intent.

We simply telling you about interesting tools and projects we've discovered, and sharing some feedback on how some of our Members are using those. We are dealing with the highest-risk sector of a high-risk industry... so any involvement on your part should be viewed as highly-speculative.

You should do your own due diligence before investing in any project.

You should only ever invest money you are totally prepared to lose.

You should expect that some of these projects will eventually fail.

So if you're still here and OK with all that, then let's look at the risks involved and how EzDeFi suggests you deal with them.. There's a number of components to our risk management stategy:

We Use Good Money Management

This is where it all starts. We only ever use a portion of our bank in any one program, so if things go wrong, we have the means to keep going.

We Research & Test Thoroughly

EzDeFi does a lot of research to try to eliminate programs that are likely to fail. We then do real-money testing before we give it the green light. You'll then know we've invested, compounded and withdrawn our profits.

We Build A Diversified Portfolio

We develop revenue streams from multiple programs, so if one stops paying out, it will have minimal impact on our overall performance.

We Work With Multiple Crypto Currencies

Likewise we look to diversify the currencies we work with, to reduce our exposure to major price fluctuations. This also provides the opportunity for significant additional gains if a currency takes off.

We Get Our Initial Stake Back ASAP

We always aim to get our initial deposits back out quickly, so we're effectively operating risk-free. If we've done that and a program fails, we're disappointed but not devastated. If it keeps going though, we ride the winner as far as it will take us!

We Use Profits To Fund Additional New Deposits

Once we've got our initial stake back out, we use that to fund the next program and repeat the process. By using profits this way we never expose our full bank and we can increase our initial stake as we get to the lower-risk options.

We Keep Moving Profits To More Secure Locations

Once we're operating risk-free, we're constantly moving a portion of our profits into the more secure options. These are the more mainstream DeFi Investment instruments and some other income producing assets you'll want to own long-term.

We Hope For The Best, But Plan For The Worst

We want to expose ourselves to the incredible potential here, without risking too much of our capital, so we recognise and accept the risks, stay patient & methodical, and we always stick to our plan.

This approach has served us well so far, but past results can never guarantee future performance. This is a new field and things are changing rapidly. So the most important strategy of all is to NEVER invest any money you aren't totally prepared to lose.

So once again, if you're OK with all that and you're still keen to continue, lets take a look at what's required of you...

Who Is EzDeFi For... and Who Should Take a Pass.

EzDeFi was originally created as a logical next step for Members of our EzCryptos website. It's turned out to have a much broader appeal, so we're opening it up to anyone, but there are still some important pre-requisites you should consider.

What We're Looking For...

What Isn't Going To Work...

Crypto Experience

You should be able to buy, sell and exchange crpytos. You know how to send them to another wallet and you have a solid understanding of best security practices. We'll cover the newer DeFi processes in detail but we do assume you've got the basics covered.

Total Crypto Newbies

If you're brand new to cryptos, you'll probably struggle with this. If you're up to the challenge and prepared to do the work you're welcome to try, but EzCryptos might be a better starting point for you?

Money To Invest

You should plan to invest at least $100-$200 to get things moving quickly. You can start with less and add to it as you go, but you'll progress a lot faster with less stress if you have reasonable bank to begin with.

People Who Need To Earn Their Stake

Sorry, but there is no way to earn your stake here. If you don't have funds to invest, you cannot earn and you can't even promote most of our referral programs. Maybe try EzCryptos instead...

Prepared to Learn

The winners here will be the people who do the required reading! There will be a lot of new information that you need to get your head around. We do go low-tech as much as possible, but it's up to you to stay on it until it makes sense.

People Who Skip The Reading

Some of the programs do get a bit complicated so if you tend to skip the reading or ignore instructions, you'd best take a pass for now. You'll also need to help your own team get started, and that won't be possible unless you do the work yourself.

Prepared to Persevere

This is a long-term project that might never be done! This space is evolving rapidly and we're discovering exciting new projects every week. Slow and steady will win out here, so we want people who'll make a commitment and stick at it.

Shiny Object Chasers

If you're forever joining new websites looking for the next best new offer this won't be for you. This is going to take real time and effort over a prolonged period, so program hoppers will lose interest long before it matures.

Own Your Decisions

There are real risks and things will almost inevitably go wrong sometimes. You need to assess the risks for yourself and manage your positions accordlingly... and accept responsibility for the outcomes, whatever they might be.

People Who Can't Handle Adversity

Just setting this up, we lost money on three different projects. If you're going to get upset or play the blame game, this is not for you. Any investment you make is entirely your own decision. Don't continue unless you are 100% OK with that.

Now some of that might seem a bit harsh, but it's necessary.

We're looking for like-minded people who will add value to our community. People who'll do the work and work the program. People who will invest in themselves and support their own team.

Anyone else will be a drain on our time and resources, which isn't fair to anyone.

So if you're still here reading after all that, it appears you are exactly the kind of person we're looking for?

If you'd like to take a closer look over the Members Area and our Program Portfolio, you can create a new account below... there's zero cost and no obligation.

Join Here

If you've got questions or just want a bit more information, you can look over our Litepaper and FAQs below. The Litepaper basically our roadmap for this project. It outlines our vision for the community, plus a few of our core strategies and long-term plans.

View EzDeFi Litepaper Frequently Asked Questions